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Who We Are

VDC Digital was founded on the idea that great production and design doesn't have to be costly and complicated. VDC Digital has worked with businesses, agencies, and individuals to create compelling digital products and content in such industries as media, fashion, entertainment, retail, hospitality and more. Based in New York City, we work with talented design and production professionals around the globe and are positioned to service clients anywhere and anytime.

Our Services

Digital Design

We provide design services tailored to you and your business goals. From logo and web design to branding to packaging to digital advertising to video graphics, we work across a range of projects for clients in a variety of industries. Our design team has worked on projects large and small; we're known for our creativity, committment to excellence, and reliabilty.

Video Production

Our team creates compelling video content that drives engagement. From promotional reels to commercials to product videos, we work with businesses, agencies, and individuals across a range of sectors. We are a full-service partner and can produce videos from start to finish - from creative conception to final video delivery. But we are also positioned to work with clients on a particular phase or piece of a larger project.

Photo Production & Editing

We offer a full range of digital photography services. For digitizing film, artwork or photographic prints, we offer everything from basic scanning to complete restoration and reproduction on a wide variety printing materials. We can also assist with scanning, archiving and digitizing images from transparent slides, film negatives, fine artwork and photographic prints.

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